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832S-like DVD-RW - how to ...

For more informations about DVD-RW overclock look at dhc014's Firmware Page and web sites, which are the main resource for patching firmwares for LiteOn ODDs ...

Donation: If you want to support this project, you can send any amount of payment to my account 2615302127/1100 SWIFT: TATR SK BX or you can use IBAN SK14 1100 0000 0026 1530 2127.

Ak sa Ti môj dekompilovaný kód páči, môžeš ma v podobnej činnosti podporiť zaslaním ľubovoľnej čiastky na číslo účtu 2615302127 banky 1100 - Tatra banka.

Warning!!! Using any patched or own compiled firmwares will void your warranty. I take no responsibility for anything that may result from the use or misuse of these firmwares!


This firmware may be used for TEAC W58G-A, SONY DRU700A, LITEON 812S and LITEON 832S DVDRW drives. - rev. 20040729 - my latest firmware - free Firmware Flashing Tool v1.0.0

Source code

Because I have no idea how to recognize difference between machine code and raw data, piece of disassembled data are still represented as code which can't be reallocated. If you want to insert some code, use CALL instruction instead of simple code insertion. All original JMP/CALL addresses must be preserved. - free 80C51 compiler - rev. 1.01 - my latest LiteOn 80C51 module for ASM51

0x00VS0ABank0Uhlik.zip0 kB N/A
0x01VS0ABank1Uhlik.zip0 kB N/A
0x02VS0ABank2Uhlik.zip231 kBDVD Read16.12.2006
0x03VS0ABank3Uhlik.zip0 kB N/A
0x04VS0ABank4Uhlik.zip0 kB N/A
0x05VS0ABank5Uhlik.zip0 kB N/A
0x06VS0ABank6Uhlik.zip0 kB N/A
0x07VS0ABank7Uhlik.zip0 kB N/A
0x08VS0ABank8Uhlik.zip0 kB N/A
0x09VS0ABank9Uhlik.zip0 kB N/A
0x0AVS0ABankAUhlik.zip0 kB N/A
0x0BVS0ABankBUhlik.zip0 kB N/A
0x0CVS0ABankCUhlik.zip0 kB N/A
0x0DVS0ABankDUhlik.zip0 kB N/A
0x0EVS0ABankEUhlik.zip0 kB N/A
0x0FVS0ABankFUhlik.zip0 kB N/A

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