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7.6.2016, 16:45 @656
nvm i was idiot.. cmd requires admin rights , which i thought i did already globally , apparently i didnt.
Its working perfectly now!
7.6.2016, 16:30 @645
i tried bcedit but it desnt seem to work for win10?
The boot configuration data store could not be opened.
Access is denied.
7.6.2016, 16:21 @639
Amazing work u have done! Ready driver has served me for years on win7, now i am about to upgrade to win10.Used ur new bin for win8, it loads boot menu but it doesnt activate choice "disable driver .." because its listed differently , disable driver is under number 7 now, 3rd from bottom. I tried changing to 3 keystrokes, but that doesnt affect options, it just scrolls 3 times between boot /windows/ready driver..Any suggestions?
9.2.2016, 4:33 @189
The link in the post is for ReadyDriver v1.1.
We need a link to the newer version ReadyDriver v1.2
6.2.2016, 3:13 @134
Fixed ;) ...
6.2.2016, 0:33 @023
I could not download boot.bin.
Would you check the link?
10.12.2014, 17:40 @736
please help me to get ready driver to work on win 8.1 64bit. UEFI bios.I have tried everything. When it toggles to the win 8.1 boot I get error message
file: bootboot.bin
25.11.2014, 16:06 @670
v3 doesn't work with Windows 8.1
30.7.2014, 18:35 @732
nazdar chatpall ... ta hej, uz tu velmi nechodim, tak je tu bordel, ale zase niekedy pridem a vypratam to tu :) ...
30.7.2014, 14:55 @580
nazdar uhlik, mas tu plno rusov! drzi palce!
16.11.2013, 16:54 @704
Hi Thonon, I recently updated ReadyDriver for use with W7/W8/W8.1.
4.10.2013, 22:47 @907
can you make this for W7 too or give us the commands for bcdedit ??

5.8.2012, 14:14 @551
bill decompresses to 1.44mb. copied image to fd but windows reports file to large.
fd 1.44mb formated fat.
24.6.2012, 19:08 @755
so what if I can't do this?

UPDATE: You must set USB drive emulation to Removable drive in BIOS, otherwise your flash drive will be detected as C: drive and can't be updated by my utility.

My dell doesn't have that options
Thank you
16.5.2012, 17:25 @684
no neviem ... komenty tam pribudaju, aj dnes, tak asi bude problem inde ... komenty su zablokovane, len ak obsahuju spam alebo ak su pridavane z IP adries, ktore rozposielaju spam ... btw. ku Karnisovi aj tak skoda sa vyjadrovat po tom, co vtedy predviedol ...

vinco barlik echelon . disgraceful
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